About the Danish Health Data Authority

The Danish Health Data Authority works to ensure better health for the Danish citizens through the use of data and by creating digital coherence in the healthcare sector.

The use of health data is a key element in the Danish healthcare system, and Denmark has some of the most comprehensive health registers in the world. We use health data to strengthen and develop the healthcare system and at the same time give the best treatment to each individual patient.

The Danish Health Data Authority is instrumental in providing coherent health data and digital solutions that benefit patients and practitioners as well as research and administrative purposes in the healthcare sector.

The Danish Health Data Authority is a part of the Ministry of the Interior and Health and was established in November 2015. It is made up by an Executive Management, an Executive Secretariat and seven departments with approximately 300 employees. Thomas Fredenslund is Director General, while Vibeke van der Sprong is Deputy Director General.

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