Cyber and information security

The Danish Health Data Authority coordinates and facilitates the joint effort to ensure cyber and information security in the Danish healthcare sector.

With the rapid development of digitisation of the Danish healthcare system, cyber and information security has become increasingly important.

Healthcare must always take place under safe and secure conditions. In order to maintain the citizens’ trust in the Danish healthcare system it is imperative to maintain a consistent and high level of cyber and information security.  As digital solutions become prevalent within our healthcare service, safe and secure conditions also include strong cyber and information security. Hence, security is an integral part of everyday life in the Danish healthcare system.

Through our knowledge and expertise in cyber security, The Danish Health Data Authority work to keep the Danish health data safe. We have a high-security system for storing and sharing data, and we monitor that our partners within hospitals, GP’s and care homes have sufficient cyber security measures to ensure that any data they receive is protected.

The Decentralized Cyber and Information Security Unit

The Decentralized Cyber and Information Security Unit, which is a part of The Danish Health Data Authority, is responsible for supporting the healthcare sector’s implementation of the national cyber and information security strategy. 

The unit has the task of collecting information and coordinating cyber and information security efforts across the healthcare sector. This includes project management of analyses, coordination of warnings, production of guidelines and information materials and facilitation of knowledge sharing. 

The Decentralized Cyber and Information Security Unit was established in 2018 as a result of the national cyber and information security strategy. 

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Security Analysis Centre

The Danish government has decided to create a Security Analysis Centre which will be based at The Danish Health Data Authority.

The Security Analysis Centre will analyse incoming data in various ways and act as the point of contact for the Security Operations Centres, which are placed in the different areas of the health sector. The purpose of the Security Analysis Centre is to create even stronger communication lines between the actors in the health sector and thereby detect, avoid and react very fast to hostile attacks from cyber criminals.