Digital health strategy

The purpose and framework for many of the activities in The Danish Health Data Authority are mapped out in the Danish digital health strategy.

Digitisation makes it possible to perform more tasks closer to – and together with – the patients in a patient-centered and coherent healthcare system that is concerned with the whole human being, not merely focusing on the diagnosis. 

The Danish strategy for digital health aims to boost digital healthcare collaboration for all citizens. The aim is that patients experience the healthcare system as a coherent and trustworthy healthcare network. The strategy supports the healthcare actors in taking responsibility for interconnecting the patient pathways across the individual interactions with the healthcare sector. 

The strategy defines five focus areas for achieving the objectives of putting patient needs first and making daily workflows easier for healthcare professionals. These focus areas are:

  • The patient as an active partner
  • Knowledge on time
  • Prevention
  • Trustworthy and secure data
  • Progress and common building blocks

For each focus area, a number of new and continuing initiatives has been identified as the first concrete steps towards achieving the strategy’s objectives.

The Digital Health Strategy is a result of the 2018 financial agreements between the Government, the interest organisation for the five regions in Denmark, Danish Regions, and the interest organisation of all the Danish municipalities, Local Government Denmark. 

In order to continue the digital transformation of the healthcare system, the Digital Health Strategy 2018-2022 has been extended to 2024 .

Read the Digital Health Strategy 2018–2022 (PDF)