Health data and registers

Danish health data is collected, stored and managed in national health registers at the Danish Health Data Authority.

Denmark has a long tradition of collecting and using healthcare data for treatment and research. The excellent Danish health data provides opportunities for valuable research, quality development and development of new and innovative solutions to the benefit of the Danish citizens.

Covers the entire population during many years 

Danish health data is unique and exceptionally reliable. It has been collected for over 40 years, which makes it possible to study the development of diseases and their treatment over time. 

There are no gaps in terms of gender, age and geography in Danish health data. This is because data are collected from all patients from cradle to grave, in all hospitals and medical clinics. 

Personal identification numbers enable linking of data across registers

The Danish personal identification numbers makes it possible to link data across the national health registers – and all other health data in Denmark. Our public healthcare system means that we have data on all Danes throughout their lives, regardless of whether they have moved around the country. 

High data quality due to standardisation and digitisation

Standardisation and digitisation means that Danish health data is not based on interpretation. The common standards helps to ensure that we mean the same thing when registering, which in turn makes it possible to compile and compare data. 

The Danish Health Data Authority is responsible for the national health registers and for maintaining and developing standards and classifications in the Danish healthcare system.

Legislation ensures balance between personal data protection and use

Health data is used to treat patients as well as to develop and improve the healthcare system through research and quality development. It is vital that patients are able to trust the healthcare system to keep their health data secure, which is why GDPR and strong cyber and information security remain the cornerstones of the sharing and use of data. 

National health registers

Danish health data is collected in the national health registers.

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