ePrescription and patient summary

In order to ensure swift access to cross-border health data in Europe, in the coming years, Denmark will participate in a project that supports the sharing of electronic prescriptions and basic individual health data across Europe.

The aim is to support patient safety, consistency in treatment and the quality of healthcare services when you, as a citizen, need medicine or urgently need healthcare services while you are travelling or staying in another member state.

The purpose of the project is to ensure that Denmark has the prerequisites to become part of the European digital health IT infrastructure known as the eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure, which is a secure European infrastructure for the exchange of health data.

This will be done by implementing and running Denmark's national contact point for e-health, including the components necessary to develop, test and implement patient summaries and e-prescription exchanges.

The project was initiated January 2, 2023, and will run for three years. 25 European countries are expected to have implemented a national contact point for e-health by the year 2025, including Denmark.

Co-funded by the European Union