The use of health data for secondary purposes

A pilot project supported by a number of European countries, European institutions and research environments will test the implementation of the EHDS regulation.

The European Health Data Space will be a network that gives researchers the possibility to find, inquire about and get access to cross-border data.

The pilot project will build an IT infrastructure and define common standards for safety, metadata catalogues, quality of data, interoperability and legal requirements.

The EU Commission has chosen five use cases as small trials that will demonstrate the potential effect of sharing health data in Europe to improve public health, research, innovation, policy and the healthcare system.

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Nine technical work packages are to build and test the user journey. Denmark participates in eight work packages and leads two of them.

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Based on experience from the use cases the pilot project will produce an evaluation and recommendations for the EU Commission about data standards, legal requirements, expenses and an economic model. This will support the preparation of the final regulation and work as recommendations for the other member states. 
The consortium’s joint application for the pilot project was approved in July 2022. The project started October 1, 2022, and ends September 30, 2024.