Use cases

To illustrate the feasibility and the potential of reusing data from several European countries, the project will produce five use cases.

The five use cases cover a number of different research related questions. The use cases are to:

  1. Demonstrate the possibility of using EHDS to monitor contagious diseases focusing on antimicrobial resistance (lead by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control)
  2. Provide a better understanding of risks associated with thrombosis in Covid-19 patients (lead by the European Medicines Agency)
  3. Compare Covid-19 tests, vaccination and hospitalisation of the regular population to those of vulnerable subpopulations (lead by Sciencano - Belgium)
  4. Compare courses of treatment for cardiometabolic diseases in European countries and build prediction models using artificial intelligence (lead by Health Data Hub - France)
  5. Mobilise and link clinical and genomic data to improve our understanding of colorectal cancer (lead by ELIXIR).