Health Data Denmark

Danish health data is world-class, and there are unique opportunities to use it for research and development.

Danish health data can be used to generate extensive and useful knowledge within both public and private research, innovation, and development to the benefit of patients.

Danish health data is unique because it:

  • Covers all areas of the health sector.
  • Comprises data on the entire Danish population from cradle to grave.
  • Goes far back in time.
  • Allows for all data to be linked via civil registration numbers.
  • Is of high quality.

Many researchers and private companies have already used Danish health data to great benefit. In the videos below, you can see and hear concrete examples of this:

Anne Bloch Thomsen, Pfizer, Chief Medical Officer Denmark & Iceland

Ulla Sofie Lønberg, AbbVie, Medical Affairs Manager Neuroscience

Preben Bo Mortensen, iPsych, Professor and Scientific director