How to get started

Several support providers have been set up to help researchers, companies etc. to get started using Danish health data at different stages in the process.

The Guidance Function provides entry level support for researchers who wish to apply for healthcare data.

Contact the Guidance Function

In addition, there are a number of more specific authorities if your inquiry concerns, for instance, the possibility of clinical trials. You can always contact the Guidance Function that will help you identify the appropriate authorities.

See overview of support options

Invest in Denmark

Invest in Denmark is a part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and can help you with:

  • Contact to potential partners, research communities, public authorities, and the private sector.
  • Tailor-made information and industry insights.
  • Advice om general and sector-specific framework conditions in Denmark.

The services of Invest in Denmark are free of charge.

Read more about Invest in Denmark and its services

How to apply for access

To gain access to Danish health data, you must meet a number of basic requirements. They are in place to ensure that the Danish data on health is used for the right purposes and in compliance with current regulations, including ensuring the necessary protection of citizens' sensitive personal information. The high level of security also helps you, as a data user, to feel completely safe when using Danish health data.

In the video below, you can get an overview of the process of accessing data as well as the requirements:

Read more about guidelines when applying for data