Research Services

If you are a researcher and need data for your research, you can apply for register data via The Danish Health Data Authority’s Research Services.

Thanks to research into health data we are continually expanding our knowledge on what causes diseases and how best to treat them. The Danish Health Data Authority’s Research Services supports health research in Denmark by providing access to and advising on the use of register-based health data.

Research Services provides access to data via the secure research platform, Forskermaskinen, which gives remote online access to data from the national health registers in a secure environment. 

If as a researcher or organisation based outside of Denmark you wish to apply for access to Danish health data, be aware that we only give access to data to a Danish authority responsible for data control. Therefore, we always recommend collaboration with a Danish research institution that can take on data responsibility and issue the common secure login, NemID, which is required to access Forskermaskinen. 

How to apply for data

You must apply for access to data via the electronic application form on our website, where you will also find information about our registers.

Read more about Research Services and the application process (in Danish)