Submission of data

Here you can read about how to proceed if you want to submit data to Research Services for your project.

Many research projects will require submission of data to Research Services, such as personal identification numbers of your population or larger data sets containing information you've collected as part of your project.

Uploading data via ShareFile®

Research Services uses ShareFile® to share data, making it easy and safe for you to deliver your data to us.

Once we have entered a data access agreement and you are ready to upload your data, simply notify Research Services and we will send an e-mail with a project-specific upload link.

Following the link in the e-mail will take you to your unique Research Services’ ShareFile® page, where you can easily upload your data files by dragging them with your mouse to the folder and then releasing.

It is not necessary to encrypt your data files, as they are automatically encrypted, scanned for viruses, and packaged in a ZIP file.

File format requirements

Your data files can be uploaded in the following file formats: 

  • SAS data set (sas7bdat)
  • Text file (.txt or csv.)

By uploading in one of these formats, you will ensure that we can read and upload your data files when we receive them.