At Research Services, we always strive to deliver good service. If your application was unsuccessful or if there were errors or faults in the data extraction, you can send us a complaint.

Rejected application

If you receive a full or partial rejection of your application to access data and you do not believe the rejection is justified, you can contact Research Services by e-mail and request that the case is reopened. In order for us to reassess your application, your request must contain a description of why you think we have assessed your application incorrectly. As soon as possible upon receipt of your request, we will assess whether we can reopen your application.

Possible errors or faults in data

If you have found possible errors or faults in the data, in relation to the agreement on data access that was entered, you must contact Research Services as soon as possible and no later than three months after delivery. Please describe the errors or faults in the data set in an e-mail and we will review the programming and assess whether there are errors in it.

If we assess that there are errors or faults in your data, we will immediately rectify the mistake free of charge. If your request is made three months after delivery, we reserve the right to charge you for costs related to correcting your data.