Delivery time

At the moment we are unfortunately unable to deliver data within 30 working days.

When can I expect to receive data?

For individual-level data requests, we aim to deliver data within 30 working days. Unfortunately, we are unable to meet this target at the moment, as we currently have a large number of applications.

We are unable to prioritise or fast-track applications, as we are obliged to treat applicants equally. Some applicants may find that their application is being processed sooner than indicated in our general announcements. This is because we select applications that can be included in the training of new staff. Others applicants can unfortunately experience longer waiting periods than initially announced due to a shortage of the competencies necessary to process the application.

How can I ease the process?

Please follow our instructions carefully before applying. The processing time from application to the delivery of data will depend greatly on whether or not your application contains the necessary documentation. If your project lacks documentation of the approval by your data controller institution, for instance, or if the extract description, order form, or project description is incomplete, the delivery time will usually take longer. This can also be the case if the application otherwise requires further clarification between you and Research Services.

Working days

Working days include days that are available for us to process your application at Research Services. That is, weekends, public holidays, as well as the month of July and the days between Christmas and New Year, are not counted as working days. The same applies to time spent waiting for documentation or for answers from you to clarify questions.